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UK if someone is paid in arrears, they are paid at the end of the period of time during which the money was earned:
One of our own candidates became livid when we pointed out that he"d been late paying his taxes numerous times and was currently in arrears.
When you ask for something you need, she tells you that you"re in arrears because you"re not giving her what she needs.
Instead of tackling this issue, the government said it would create certain fast-track courts to khuyến mãi with this problem of arrears.
Fathers earning less than $20,000 per year comprise the overwhelming majority of those in arrears on child support -- they"re not deadbeats, they"re dead broke.
In all, 60 percent of drivers have fallen into arrears on the surcharges, to lớn the tune of a combined $1.7 billion past-due bill lớn the state.
Arrears of interest, continually accruing, will be as continual a monument, either of inability, or of ill faith and will not cease to have an evil influence on public credit.
Poor farmers would borrow from merchants or officials, fall into arrears, see their vineyards, sheep, carried away and--eventually, their wives, sons, & daughters removed as debt peons.
This is because most of the respective loans are old & entirely in arrears (i.e., the scheduled debt service have already come and gone without payment).
If dividends are halted with preferred stock, the company can not pay dividends lớn common shareholders until the preferred dividend is reinstated và shareholders are paid in arrears.

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