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Windborne movement does not imply that migrants are merely inert particles at the mercy of the wind.
The old ceremonial centre, having been detached from its social and cultural milieu, became converted into an inert powerless "object".
Additionally, the capsule a patient receives is pharmacologically inert, but hardly inert with respect khổng lồ its symbolic value and its power as a conditioned stimulus.
Verbs are argued to be syntactically most active but nouns most inert, with adjectives occupying an intermediate rank.
In scenario two all waste is processed at community compost plants and only inert material is transported to lớn sanitary landfills.
In the past, such properties as percentage germination, noxious weeds & inert matter have been evaluated.
By 1986 several thousand objects-mostly spent, upper stages of space-launch vehicles & inert spacecraft-were circling the earth.
The agency of this inert construction appears khổng lồ be purely fictive as well, a matter of honorific speech merely.
to set up a recent sociological theory against the strength of such an inert mass is truly to set up an unequal contest.
Similarly, multiple glazings and inert gas fillings, so desirable in high temperature climates as well as low temperature locations, are absent.

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