Inflate Là Gì

to make something increase in kích cỡ by filling it with air, or khổng lồ increase in size when filled with air:

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There is a theory that you should borrow when your money can buy sound assets lượt thích gold và real estate & pay off that debt with cheaper money as an economy inflates.

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to cause an object to lớn increase in kích cỡ and shape by filling it with air or gas, or (of an object) khổng lồ become larger as a result of this process:
to make a number or value higher or greater than it should be, or to lớn make something seem more important than it really is:
People who bought homes years ago have seen the values inflate and property taxes rise with the inflation.
to make a number, price, or value higher than it should be or than is reasonable, sometimes in order to lớn deceive people:
The balloon catheter was advanced over the guide wire, inflated with dilute contrast lớn a pressure of 3-4 atmospheres, and deflated immediately.
The high prevalence of simple phobia has not inflated the overall prevalence of mental disorder since all of these patients also had another mental disorder.
The univariate heritability estimate is thus likely lớn be inflated at this time point, assuming that the true litter variance component is greater than zero.
As the effort to act collectively encountered frustration, the energy tilted from idealist education & corporatist participation towards spectatorship, buttressed by inflating rhetoric.
Each sample was put in a self-sealing plastic bag, which slightly inflated and contained a piece of paper towel khổng lồ reduce condensation.
Statutory organisations và funding bodies have lớn recognise that such costs are not " inflated " or " excessive " but rather legitimate và necessary.
In lateral view, larvae slightly và almost symmetrically vaulted; glabella and protopygidial axis inflated.
Occipital ring weakly inflated; medial part transversely rectangular with straight, well-incised occipital furrow.
First, the flyaway costs estimated in 1973 dollars could be inflated lớn 1992 dollars, or vice versa.
lớn accomplish this reversal, balloons are first inflated khổng lồ block the common & external carotid arteries.
The unit cost estimate includes cost of training as well as direct care tư vấn staff và is inflated to a 1999/2000 price base.
Numbers can be inflated if the count includes all of " third sector " organisations such as philanthropic, welfare, cultural & sporting organisations.
Laterally, anterior margin subhorizontal; middle toàn thân inflated anteriorly, gently flattening posteriorly.
After surface reconstruction of this boundary, each hemisphere was inflated, cut along the calcarine sulcus, and flattened.
Firstly to lớn remove year-to-year variation which, by inflating experimental variation, reduces the capacity of the experiment lớn detect treatment effects.
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a metal object, usually with a part shaped like an arrow, that is put on đứng đầu of a high building và turns to show which way the wind is blowing from

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