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transactional charges/costs/fees Customers must be made aware of the transactional charges associated with their purchases.

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These tables are typically used for transactional purposes, that is, for the management of a business.
Language teaching materials tend to lớn concentrate on monologues or dialogues where turn-taking is structured và predictable, with some kind of transactional goal.
The incorporation of a biological perspective into research on resilience still requires adherence lớn a dynamic, transactional view that respects the importance of context.
Beyond early childhood, transactional processes continue lớn play themselves out in the child"s ever widening social context.
The present research builds on existing life-stress models by adopting a transactional, developmental perspective that considers the mechanisms through which children contribute to their environments.
Evidence was found to support both of these "competing" hypotheses in a transactional developmental sequence.
All of the primary hypotheses generated from our ecological-transactional model were confirmed either fully or partially.
What is central to the transactional model is the equal emphasis placed on the bidirectional effects of the child and of the environment.
The finding that community violence had a significant effect on children"s functioning is noteworthy from the perspective of an ecological-transactional model.
Our ecological-transactional mã sản phẩm proposes that some levels of the ecology are more proximal khổng lồ the individual than are other levels.
In this investigation, we provide an ecological-transactional analysis of child maltreatment, exposure khổng lồ community violence, & children"s behavioral và emotional functioning.

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Moreover, adopting a transactional approach may help to elucidate the mechanisms underlying the continuity of depression across the life span.
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