27 morning routine ideas that will make you want to wake up early


Starting your morning right is your best bet khổng lồ having a successful day—no matter what life decides khổng lồ throw at you.

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You might already have a solid routine in the morning. But if you don’t, we have some tips to get you started. When trying khổng lồ decide what works best for you, consider what you know about yourself, your habits, and your personality. For example, if you know that you will take a few minutes to lớn get out of bed, mix your alarm a bit earlier. Planning ahead will mix the tone for the great day you have ahead of you.

1. Stick khổng lồ a schedule

If you know exactly how your morning should go, you won’t scramble to vì chưng things you forgot to do, like eat breakfast or make the bed. Follow a morning schedule by waking up, getting dressed, and eating breakfast at the same time each day. Kiểm tra your planner the night before so you know exactly what’s coming your way the next morning. Know you have a hard time picking out an outfit? Choose one the night before. It’s the little things that will make a big difference in the flow of your morning và the rest of your day.

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2. Get up a few minutes early

Giving yourself more time in the morning to lớn prepare instead of rushing through your daily routine will phối a less stressful tone for the day. Get up và give yourself an extra 15 minutes lớn make sure you aren’t forgetting anything, and you’ll thank yourself later. Need more sleep? Go khổng lồ bed earlier. Don’t keep hitting the snooze, or you’ll be getting low-quality sleep that may make you feel more tired. (Hint: The snooze button is not your friend).

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3. Eat breakfast

No really, eat it. Saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day isn’t wrong. Eating breakfast will ensure a clear mind & it will give you the energy you need to lớn conquer the day. Plus, our metabolism tends lớn work better earlier in the day. So, there’s no need khổng lồ feel any breakfast guilt.

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4. Take the stairs

Anything that gets your blood pumping will wake you up & help you feel a bit more alive in the morning. Even just taking the stairs can địa chỉ a bit more bounce to your step. We all know exercise releases endorphins, and these could be just what you need khổng lồ start your day off right và with a good attitude!

5. Drink water

Did you know that your morning drowsiness could in part be due to dehydration? Fill up your water bottle and drink some water first thing to help your body wake up.

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6. Think positively

The first thing you think when you wake up will mix your mood the rest of the day. Woke up crabby? nhái it until you make it! Think positively and act lượt thích today is going to lớn be a good day. Pretend to lớn be excited & you’ll begin khổng lồ believe it.

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